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ZenNepal Request for Leave or Approved Absence 

Please fill in this form to request a leave or approve your absence, if a colleague is absent or is unable to fill this form and you are filling it for his/her behalf, make sure you fill in your name in the person filling in the form section.

Apply for a Card (ISIC, ITIC, IYTC)                                                                               

Instead of the paper form for ISIC and other cards, please let the person applying for card to fill in this form. Make sure you take all the necessary documents and two PP  size photos.

Request advance Salary.

Please fill this form and submit to request advance salary.

Zen Nepal Staff contact details

Please sign in with your zen Nepal account to view the contents of the page. If you use zentravels account, please request access and i shall grant it to you once requested.

Non-CC Payment Notification

Please fill in this form for all the payment received in ZenNepal.

Credit sale Form.

Please fill in this form for all the the credit sales. 

Contact information form

Please fill in this form so we can update the database with latest information. A page URL with all the contact details has already been sent to you, if not you can contact Robean and he will provide you with the link.

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ZenNepal is a member of IATA
ZenNepal is a member of NATTA
ZenNepal is a member of SKAL
ZenNepal is offical Prtner of STA for Nepal
ZenNepal is the only Lincensed ISIC card distributor in Nepal